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"Start Local, Go Global"




School Clubs

EdActs in The News

Students As Teachers Article - Champion Newspapers

With our mission of providing leadership opportunities for elementary through college students, EdActs Global prides itself in its school clubs where the students think of and organize their projects. If you are interested in starting a club at your school, please contact us.

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Tunnell School
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Korero is a Maori term for narrative, storytelling, conversation. We are looking for you to share your educational stories.


To capture and share educational practice and research surrounding Problem/Project-Based, Service Learning, and Innovative Educational Technology Integration Projects. 

Interested in submitting your work? Please check out the

journal submissions guidelines more information. 

Letter to perspective authors.

Interested in volunteering as an editor? Contact Malia at malia.csuf@gmail.com


If you'd like to start a club, volunteer for activities, or be a part of our board contact us here. 

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Landscape Clean Up

EdActs Global helping landscape yards for people that are physically not able to.

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