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EdActs Global, Inc. (aka EdAacts or EAG) is a recognized 501c3 leadership and service organization that works with K-16 students.  


EAG motto: “Start local, Go global”, EdActs enables students to be change agents in the world, both by designing projects to support their local communities and through travel to assist others at a global level.


EdActs Global, Inc was formalized after the founder returned from consulting in Africa as a professor of education. He shared his experience with a fourth grade class in the United States and how he saw a young African boy unable to play with his friends for he was sick with malaria due to not having mosquito nets. One fourth grade student raised his hand and asked, “Sir, can we send them mosquito nets?” This comment reminded Dr. Ramirez of the passion he had for his community and the homeless as a young elementary school student but was told by teachers not to think of such things while in school, and to wait until he was old enough to do something. Through this one fourth grade student, Dr. Ramirez saw our K-12 students are passionate about their world and wished to provide opportunities for them to lead their projects.

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